Our mission is to advance the education, health and well-being of pupils, teachers and communities associated with our three Ugandan schools.


We do this through providing teachers, clean water, brick buildings for classrooms, school meals, a boarding house, and large farming projects to enable self sufficiency.


    EMAIL. [email protected]                                   Charity Commission Registration Number 1121659


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Lady Grace Nursery School

We are very grateful to Dr Paul Sherrard for sponsoring this new nursery school. The land is being cleared and building has now started.


Corona Virus hits Uganda

Uganda has been put into lockdown, which means that the poor have lost their source of income with no government back up. The schools and public transport are closed and food prices have risen.

We continue to support our teachers and communities but our fundraising efforts in the UK have been reduced by our lockdown.


Playgrounds please

Please help us rebuild playgrounds at all of our three schools so that they can enjoy school when they come out of lockdown.

If you would like to give a one off gift for this please go to the donate page. Thank you very much.

Lady Grace Nursery uganda 15 SDB 108

One more building to go.

We have only one classroom block left that needs a sponsor, this is the senior block at Lugala in the slums of Kampala which will cost £35,000

The playgrounds have been empty for over 6 months now and the swings and slides etc are rusted and not safe. It will bring so much joy to the children to be able to play again.