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We do this through providing teachers, clean water, brick buildings for classrooms, school meals, a boarding house, and large farming projects to enable self sufficiency.


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Team 2 in Lugala

By rockofjoy, Jul 27 2019 11:34AM

Greetings from team 2.

Well we've finished our week in Lugala, which has flown by.

We've arrived in Jinja for white water rafting after a very early wake up of 5:30.

We finished yesterday with a gathering with teachers and sodas. Benald the head gave a fantastic speech about the work of the rock of joy family which brought a tear to the eye. He is so failthful & committed to the school.

The team have got to know the classes really well & there were tears from my team & the Ugandan children as we left - & not just the girls!

Debrief has been really important this week as the community tour has been emotionally hard going. One group was particularly hard hit by a house made of metal sheets tacked together with holes in the roof - it had 8 family members. We are going to look into providing some matresses for this family as the kids are sleeping on nearly bare wooden slats & also to find out how much it would cost to fix the roof with some corregated iron.

The team have said it has finally dawned on them just how privileged they are and how grateful they should be.

On a lighter note I have a hilarious video of the team trying to run a sports lesson with nursery children. Herding cats comes to mind!! The team were trying to use stern voices to gain control but ended up running after them. It gives them an insight into being a team leade on a Ugandan trip!

As we enter our third week please pray for as much enthusiasm as we had in week one, as we know they are getting tired now - early nights all round.

Also for you as parents to be aware of reverse culture shock on re-entering "normal" life.

Speak to you all at the live link tomorrow. We shall be ready for our last week!

Love Steph & the team.

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