Our mission is to advance the education, health and well-being of pupils, teachers and communities associated with our three Ugandan schools.


We do this through providing teachers, clean water, brick buildings for classrooms, school meals, a boarding house, and large farming projects to enable self sufficiency.


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By rockofjoy, Jul 27 2019 08:38AM

Team 3 are safely back from Masaka where they had a great week working hard at both ROJ Masaka & ROJ Lady Grace.

Afte a cloudy day when we were building the solar cookers, the sun came out & Sam successfully used one to make cups of sugary tea for pupils & teachers.

Ellis set up the computer room with the donated laptops & a chance to use them for the first time.

Joh & Josh motivated the whole team to hang mosquito nets in the girls' & boys' boarding houses & by the end of the week every bed had a net. A great team effort.

We all enjoyed the BBQ at Lady grace on Wednesday & Samira led a parents' meeting for 60 people & fulfilled her ambition to milk a cow!!

Like father like son, Barnabus: Fred's son gave us a masterclass in making briquettes & helped set up an enterprise scheme with the older pupils.

Hannah's healthy relationship lesson contiues to be well received & one teacher asked for the pupils work to be displayed on the walls so the other classes can learn from them.

Amy, Eve, Jane & Jade enjoyed their story bag lessons in the nursery school & shopping at the Equator. John bought another drum!

Sarah rejoined us on Friday evening having had an amazing time on Medical mission.

We are all up early in the morning (Saturday) to travel to Jinja for the white water rafting.

Love from us all.

Masaka boys' boarding house
Masaka boys' boarding house

By rockofjoy, Jul 25 2019 01:00PM

Greetings from Team 2.

We have now been in Lugala for 3 days. We've been walking each morning to and from school up and down a hill on a busy road. It's good experience of Ugandan life, but some of the teamare feeling muscles they didn't know they had!

We had a great welcome at school and it's amazing to see all the developments at the school, especially the toilets: you cannot know the joy this bring me.

Community tour here is very hard as the poverty is terrible. The houses are usually one room about 8 ft sq. housing families of 7 with no windows & holes in the roof.

Putting up nets is very hot & sweaty work. Lots to digest emotionally for the team.

There are streams & rivers & water filled with mosquito breeding grounds all round the houses, some with bridges & some requiring a run & jump.

After using a maggot filled long drop in previous years, the new toilets are due to the hard work & fundraising of some of the young people from the last trip after seeing the state of the old toilets. Young people can make a difference!

We contine to be well fed - we tried omlette & tomato sandwiches yesterday. The team are so much more confident this week in their teaching & as I am typing this I can hear them teaching about composting in the next classroom! They are amazing - all of them. Be very proud!

We had about 15 Ugandan children laughing at the mzungos trying to balance on Indiana Jones style bridges! We were sizing up one crossing thinking we would all fall whilst a lady with a baby on her hip hopped across!!

We are aiming to get up a 100 nets this week. Please pray for continued health & energy for the team.

Steph & team 2

By rockofjoy, Jul 24 2019 08:51PM

Tasha was missed off last week's message.

Tasha is doing so well & gaining loads of confidence teaching lessons.

By rockofjoy, Jul 23 2019 06:22PM

Sometimes the medical team are short staffed and need a bench to stand on.

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